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Sweetening Life in the Red River Valley Since 1974

MDFC was officially formed in August 1972 and produced the first crop in 1974, Sweetening Life in the Valley since 1974! 



Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative Videos

Many thanks to Absolute Studios, Fargo ND!

MDFC 51st Anniversary Annual Meeting Video
A Part of Heaven in the Red River Valley - Featuring Blind Joe
MDFC Plant Tour
From Beet to Sweet

Many Thanks to AgWeek TV along with Shawna Olson and Trevor Peterson!

Mission Statement

To maximize Patron returns by sustainably producing quality sugar and co-products for our customers, in partnership with Patrons, employees and the community.

Vision Statement

Committed to maximizing Patron returns by providing quality products globally, focusing on innovation, sustainability, community and employee excellence.

Core Values

•    Diversity - We treat each other with dignity, respect and empathy, in consideration of our teammate’s diverse abilities, perspectives, and individual talents.
•    Integrity - We will conduct ourselves in an honest, ethical and trustworthy manner at all times.
•    Accountability - We expect personal responsibility and ownership in the safe performance of duties, professional growth and development, and a commitment towards the accomplishment of the Cooperative’s goals.  
•    Teamwork - We encourage our employees to be creative and innovative, working cooperatively and collaboratively as a team to achieve the Cooperative’s goals in the workplace and communities that we serve.
•    Flexibility - We must be an organization willing to learn and adapt to evolving circumstances, creating positive change, and future success for our shareholders, employee, and customers.