Board of Directors

Below is Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative's Board of Directors.

  1. Tim DealTim Deal Chairman, Lyngaas District Email: tdeal(at)mdf(dot)coop
  2. Troy KoltesTroy Koltes Vice Chairman, Hawes District Email: tkoltes(at)mdf(dot)coop
  3. Kevin EtzlerKevin Etzler Treasurer, Yaggie District Email: ketzler(at)mdf(dot)coop
  4. Chad WestromChad Westrom Secretary, Lehman District Email: cwestrom(at)mdf(dot)coop
  5. Rodd BeyerRodd Beyer Board Member, Tyler District Email: rbeyer(at)mdf(dot)coop
  6. Matt HasbargenMatt Hasbargen Board Member, Factory East District Email: mhasbargen(at)mdf(dot)coop
  7. Bryant HaugrudBryant Haugrud Board Member, Peet District Email: bhaugrud(at)mdf(dot)coop
  8. Carson KlostermanCarson Klosterman Board Member, Factory West District Email: cklosterman(at)mdf(dot)coop
  9. Jeff OlsonJeff Olson Board Member, Gorder District Email: jolson(at)mdf(dot)coop